Bed linen is changed after 3 nights.
The bathroom linen is changed after 3 nights.
The breakfast, included in the room price, is served at the bar located close to B&B.


The room delivery is provided between 1:00 pm and 12 am. In case the reception is closed, guest access will be by self-check-in. The estimated time of arrival must be imperatively notified one day before arrival.  Lack of such communication cannot be a reason for complaints or claims for repayment in case of any waiting time.

The day before arrival (in case of self-check-in), the guests must send a valid ID or passport to the holder to be registered as required by law. Failure to comply with this requirement constitutes a violation of the rules of the Penal Code. Data of our guests are treated in accordance with current privacy legislation.

It is impossible to stay at this property for Coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine purposes.



The room must be returned no later than 11.00 am on the date of departure. Later than 11.00 am, if the room hasn’t been released, an additional cost of 20€ per hour will be charged.


Behavior Rules

1. At any time, inside and around the structure, should be avoided behaviors, activities, games, sounds, and using equipment that could cause disturbance to other people. Please do not cause any disturbance during sleeping hours (roughly 11 pm/08.00 am. In order to ensure a calm stay, the Manager of the B&B is authorized to expel those who break the rules of the Regulation. 
2. Guests are not required to answer the doorbell or the phone, as well as we strongly recommend not to let enter any visitors without our knowledge. 
3. Guests will have the keys to the structure and can come and go as they wish, making sure that the door of the apartment and that of her room are closed.
4. It is not allowed to bring other people outside and inside the apartment, if they aren’t duly registered, unless our specific approval.
5. It is forbidden to prepare meals in the room and use machinery and equipment for washing, ironing, and heating. Electric shavers and battery chargers are excluded.
6. It is allowed to use the kitchen but only for special needs and with permission of the Directorate.
7. According to Italian law, smoking is forbidden in every room of the B&B and in the entire property, including the entrance hall of the stairs. 
8. Use of drugs is forbidden. 
9. Adults are responsible for the behavior of children entrusted to them.
10. Pets are not allowed.
11. It is not allowed to enter in areas reserved for the staff of the B&B.
12. Who damages the structure or the objects in the room, loses or damages the keys, will have to pay a penalty calculated on the basis of the extent of the damage caused and that will be charged.
13. The Direction declines any responsibility in case of theft or damage of items left unattended in the rooms.
14. Our B&B has particular attention to environmental issues and we invite all Guests to participate in our environmental policy through savings of water and reduction in energy consumption (for example by turning off lights, air conditioner, and TV when you are not in the room).
15. Users who get access to the Internet through the system provided by the facility, are expected to use this resource in a correct and responsible manner, in accordance with the purposes of educational, informational, and recreational services for which it is provided. 
16. In order to provide you with the best possible service please contact in a timely manner our staff to report any problems or to express complaints.